S8+ Vacuum Cleaner

Midea Robot Vacuum S8+ with 4000Pa High Suction Motor Power, Self-emptying Base Station, 2.5L Dust Bag, 180min Maximum Runtime - Black

S8+ is an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner featuring a self-emptying base station that automatically empties the dustbin and stores the debris inside a 2.5L dust bag for up to 30 days. Our unique vibrated mopping solution effectively mops a massive area, compared with our competition, on top of competitive features like suction power of 4,000Pa, LiDAR navigation, and 180min maximum runtime.
  • Auto Collector

    The 2.5L airbag inside frees your hand for almost a month and avoids any air pollution. 19KPa collector suction power makes each cleaning cleaner than you expected!

  • Vibration mopping

    Imitating manual wiping with the latest technology, 2 separate mopping parts working in vibration brings cleaner results, E-controlled water tank helps you control the water flow in different rooms and avoids seepage.

  • 4000Pa BLDC motor

    Super BLDC motor brings an excellent cleaning experience, with 4 levels to choose from.

  • 5th Generation of LDS

    Laser navigation results in high-precision mapping at the cm-level, breakpoint cleaning support, and advanced map function support.

  • 5200mAh big battery

    Long battery life for 180min and covering 250m2.

  • Carpet detection

    Maximum the suction power when running on the carpet, back to normal after leaving the carpet.

  • Washable dustbin

    Simple enough maintenance, you could just wash the dustbin and wipe it dry. Different cleaning modes Selective room or area cleaning, one-by-one cleaning, deep cleaning, zigzag cleaning, fitting all your cleaning needs.

  • Software Support Period End Date: 10/05/2029


  • S8+


  • Laser

    Navigation Type

  • 4000pa

    Suction Power

  • 300ml

    Dust Bin Capacity

  • 200ml

    Water Tank Capacity

  • Vibration

    Water Tank Type

  • 5200mAh

    Battery Capacity

  • 180min

    Battery Run Time

Full specifications

  • General Details
    • Cleaner Size (mm)
    • Net weight
    • Gross Weight
    • Navigation Type
      LDS Rotating Laser Navigation
    • Type
      Only Dry
    • Clean Type
      Side Brush+ Roll Brush
    • Power Control Type
      Machine Tuning/ App
    • Mode
      Smart Cleaning, Room Cleaning, Zone Cleaning
    • APP Type
    • Connection
      2.4G WI-FI/ Bluetooth
    • Rating Voltage
      14.4V Direct Current
    • Rating Frequency
    • Rating Power
    • Main Air Power
    • Power Regulation
      4 Levels
    • Dust Bin Capacity
    • Water Tank Type
      Degerming Vibration Water Tank
    • Water Tank Capacity
      Ordinary water tank: 0.2L; Ordinary water tank: 0.2L
    • Smart Speaker Function
    • Accessory
      Dust collection station, side brush, HEPA components, dust bag, rag, manual, quick guide, electrolytic vibration water tank, rag holder


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