Just like our Midea products, our smart home line-up is also suprisingly friendly. We would like to invite you into (y)our smart home that is not only surprisingly friendly, but 'surprisingly smart'. A smart home that does not look like it has come from science fiction movie set in the future, but one that is filled with products that have 'surprisingly smart features'. Products with that extra little smart touch that enable you to 'make yourself even more at home' and enjoy more of those tiny moments.

Welcome to (y)our home of tomorrow, today

What Smart Means


Remote Control

We enable you to 'remote control', so you can go out and enjoy family moments while controlling your appliances through your phone. There's no need to stay at home to vacuum clean or wait for the laundry. They can be finished before you get back. Sounds interesting?

Your smart appliances do not need you around at home anymore


Voice Control

Ask Alexa to vacuum around you while you make yourself at home on the couch searching for dinner recipes on your phone. Get a helping hand from Google Home while you and your daughter are covered in flour preparing the family's favorite meal. Explore more touching moments by going hands-free.

Even though they like it, stop touching your appliances all the time


Smart Notifications

Our smart laundry assistant has got your back so you remember to take out the kids' uniforms in time, while we have a smart eye on grandpa in case he does not open the fridge like normal in the morning. Just check your phone, we notified you. Smart, right?

There is a difference between reminders and 'smart notifications'

How The App Works

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Make yourself at home with the SmartHome App and discover a whole new side to your favorite Midea products. Whether it's uncovering cooking settings you didn't know you could control or learning about smart modes that can change the way you do your laundry, the SmartHome App makes your Midea products truly surprisingly friendly.

Discover a new side to your products

Our Partners

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The Midea Smart Home is surprisingly friendly in more ways than one. Our products can play nice with the other devices in your house and can also allow you to use your go-to platforms when you are home.

See which platforms and devices your Midea products can play nice with