Precision Air Conditioner (PAC)

Precision Air Conditioner (PAC)

Precision Air Conditioner (PAC)

  • Sealed cold and hot aisles

  • Constant temperature and humidity,accuracy up to ±1°C ±5%

  • Intelligent control system

  • 100% modular structure for easy installation and capacity expansion

  • Efficient air supply system

  • Efficient cooling system with less power consumption

  • High sensible heat

AC Presisi diagram siklus.jpg

Environment –Friendly and efficient Sealed cold and hot aisles

The introduction of hot and cold aisles allows the cabinets to be arranged "face-to-face and back-to-back" in large data centers. In this way, cool air and warm/hot air generated by cabinets can be separated, thus avoiding adverse impact on cooling performance. Sealed cold and hot aisles facilitate efficient utilization of cooling capacity and eliminate local hot spots

Ac Presisi New modular structure.jpg.png

Easy of Use New Modular Structure

Midea's air-cooled modular precision air conditioner adopts a new modular structure featuring independent heat exchangers and fans for all modules. With detachable water pipes, the unit is easy to install on site and to transport via elevator and through narrow passages. Therefore, it avoids the trouble of destroying walls or doors. Compact design and cooling capacity of 25kW - 100kW

AC Presisi Smart Control.jpg

Smart Control

a. A LED-backlit LCD screen displays unit's operating status, sensor data, and operating status indicators of main parts.

B. Password protection can prevent unauthorized modification to internal parameters.

C. Up to 400 alarm records can be stored and easy query is supported. D.Standard RS485 interface is available for monitoring via a web backend withthe help of a data converter.

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