1.0HP airStill Inverter Wall Mount Split

1.0HP airStill Inverter Wall Mount Split

1.0HP airStill Inverter Wall Mount Split Save your money as well as the worries on energy consumption with Midea’s Smart Save iEco mode. Simply power on your Midea air conditioner and select the mode for a full night’s energy-efficient comfort. With the ultra-low energy needed, now you can enjoy a restful sleep.

  • Soft

    7928 Mini-hole matrix leaving purely the cool in still air.

  • Speed

    Cool your space in the Boost mode thanks to the high-speed fan and powerful compressor.

  • Surround

    3-Way Airfl ow, Providing 360° even, immersive cooling

  • Built-in WIFI Control
    Built-in WIFI Control

    Using the SmartHome App, you can keep your home comfortable wherever you are. Start your air conditioner on the way home to enjoy crisp, cool air when you walk in the door. The possibilities for comfort and convenience are endless.


Mini-hole Matrix

For Utmost Wind ‘Elimination’


All 7,928 micro-holes on the two deflector flaps are designed to turn the air current into thousands of tiny strings of cool air moving in all directions. The matrix softens the airflow so you can barely feel it, leaving you purely relaxed.


  • 1.0HP


  • 9,000 (2,900~11,200) Btu/h

    Cooling Capacity

  • Built-In

    Wifi Control

  • 2 Years (Full)


  • 5 Years (Compressor)


  • 5 Star

    Energy Efficiency Star Rating

Full specifications

  • Indoor Unit
    • Indoor air flow (Hi Mi Lo)
      610 (359) m3/h(cfm)
    • Indoor Sound level (Hi Mi Lo Si)
    • Product Dimension (W*D*H)
      940 x 193 x 325 mm
    • Packing Dimensions (W*D*H)
      1055 x 385 x 290 mm
    • Net Gross Weight (kg)
      10.7 / 13.8
  • Outdoor unit
    • Outdoor Sound level
    • Dimension(W*H*D)
      800 x 333 x 554 mm
    • Packing Dimensions (W*D*H)
      920 x 390 x 615 mm
    • Net Gross Weight (kg)
      29.3 / 32.1
  • Refrigerant piping
    • Liquid side Gas side
      6.35/ 9.52(1/4"/3/8")
    • Max. refrigerant pipe length (m)
  • Misc
    • Refrigerant Charge
      R32 / 650g
    • Design pressure(145psi=1MPa )(L H) (psi)