2.5HP Fairy Series Non Inverter R32 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

2.5HP Fairy Series Non Inverter R32 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

2.5HP saves your money as well as worries about energy consumption Midea’s air conditioner delivers cool and refreshing air with a single touch. 
  • Super Ionizer
    Super Ionizer

    The Super Ionizer Generator can generate positive and negative ions. When positive ions meet negative ones, they will release enormous energy instantly and resulting in bacteria death. The redundant negative ions not only eliminate odor, dust, smoke, and pollen particles in the air but also bring more freshness.

  • Golden Fin Tehnology
    Golden Fin Tehnology

    The golden-finned hydrophilic coil prevents bacteria from breeding and spreading, creating a healthy and comfortable environment. It can also improve heating efficiency by accelerating defrosting. The unique anti-corrosive gold plating can withstand salty air, rain, and other corrosive elements.

  • Smart Control (Optional)
    Smart Control (Optional)

    Control Your AC, Anytime and Anywhere


  • 2.5HP


  • 24,200 Btu/h

    Cooling Capacity

  • Optional

    Wifi Control

  • 2 Years (Full)


  • 5 Years (Compressor)


  • 3 Star

    Energy Efficiency Star Rating

Full specifications

  • Indoor Unit
    • Indoor air flow (H)
      995 (359) m3/h(cfm)
    • Indoor Sound level (Hi Mi Lo Si)
      46 / 44 / 38.5 dB(A)
    • Dimension(W*D*H)
      1040 x 220 x 327 mm
    • Packing
      1120 x 405 x 315 mm
    • Net Gross weight
      13.5 / 16.9
  • Outdoor unit
    • Outdoor Sound level
      58 dB(A)
    • Dimension(W*D*H)
      890 x 342 x 673 mm
    • Packing (W*D*H)
      995 x 398 x 740 mm
    • Net Gross weight
      47.6 / 51 mm
    • Refrigerant Charge
      R32/ 950 g
    • Design pressure
      4.3/1.7 MPa
  • Refrigerant piping
    • Liquid side Gas side
      Φ6.35/Φ12.7(1/4"/1/2") mm(inch)
    • Max. refrigerant pipe length
      25 m
    • Max. difference in level
      10 m

User Manual