M9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

M9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

MIDEA M9 ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER is our latest and most efficient robotic vacuum cleaner with prominent features like Auto Mop Raising, 3D Obstacle Avoidance, and pressurized mopping that were once exclusive in high-end robotic vacuum cleaners to efficiently vacuum and mop homes with complex obstacles, carpeting, and layouts.
  • Auto Mop Raising
    Auto Mop Raising

    Slippers, cords, and tiny daily objects won't stop M9 from cleaning! M9 builds a 3D environment of your home using dual-line lasers tohelp avoid getting stuck or causing trouble.

  • 3D Obstade Avoidance
    3D Obstade Avoidance

    Feel free to trust M9 with carpets and rugs. Carpets and rugs aredetected by supersonic for M9 to raise the mop pad for up to 10mm and boost the suction for deeper carpet cleaning.

  • Pressurized Mopping
    Pressurized Mopping

    Meet the original texture of your floor again. Dried stains are easily cleaned due to the increased friction that comes with the extra downward pressure added to the mop pad.


  • M9


  • Laser

    Navigation Type

  • 4000PA

    Suction Power

  • 250ML

    Dust Bin Capacity

  • 220ML

    Water Tank Capacity

  • 90-150 min

    Battery Run Time

Full specifications

  • Performance
    • Navigation Type
      LDS Rotating Laser Navigation
    • Clean Type
      Side Brush+ Roll Brush
    • Suction Power
    • Dust Bin Capacity
    • Water Tank Capacity
    • Battery Capacity
    • Battery Run Time
      90-150 min
    • Connection
      2.4G WI-FI+ Bluetooth
    • Rating Voltage
      14.4V Direct Current
    • Rating Power
    • Main Air Power
  • General Features
    • Power Control Type
      Machine Tuning/ App
    • Power Regulation
      4 Level
    • APP Type
      Midea/ Eureka
    • Water Tank Type
      Electric Water Tank
    • Mopping Type
      Lifting Mopping System
    • Smart Speaker Function
  • Physical
    • Robot Size (mm)
    • Net Weight (kg)
    • Accessory
      Side Brush, Mop, Hepa Group, adapter, charging stand, Product Instruction