Gas Water Heater

JSD 12-6 DH


    Midea water-cooling low NOx technology is achieved by reducing the temperature of the burner by water cooling tubes. This technology is in compliance with CE standard(EN26-2015) for EU market, which is more environmental friendly.

  • 3 injection points

    The amount of air ejected from the 3 injection points can be increased by about 30% than that of 2 points and lower the NOx emission.

  • Antibacterial copper material Bacteriostatic 99.99%

    All parts in direct contact with the water flow are made of bacteriostatic copper material. Comprehensive protection of water quality and health.


  • 6

    Rated Water Output Capacity

  • 492x320x140

    Product Dimension (mm)

  • 638/1364/1550

    Loading Qty (20GP/40GP/40HQ)