Presenting BreezelleSS+ Innovation, Midea Wins the Top Innovation Choice Award 2022

Presenting BreezelleSS+ Innovation, Midea Wins the Top Innovation Choice Award 2022

Midea keeps innovating products that suit the needs of the Indonesian people, and recently Midea won Top Innovation Choice Award 2022 by presenting the Midea BreezelleSS+ AC.


Known as a leading brand of home appliances, this China company keeps innovating to present products that suit the needs of the Indonesian people. Most recently, the brand that has been present in Indonesia since 2010 has innovated to present the Midea BreezelleSS+ AC.

BreezeleSS+ is an inverter air conditioner that features a swing-side air outlet that spreads cooling from the front, left, and right. There is a speedy cool fan wheel, which can lower the room temperature in 40 seconds. This cooling-diffusion technology is called TwinFlap, with a matrix of 7,928 mini-holes that can soften airflow to make air conditioning more comfortable.

Budi Pratama Widjaja, a Sales Head of Midea Electronics Indonesia, in a press conference organized by revealed that this innovation was presented to understand the behavior of Indonesian people, where most Indonesians turn on the air conditioner if it is too cold, they will turn it off or direct the swing upwards.

"This feature fulfills the wishes of consumers in spreading air directly from the AC unit, including the left and right sides, so that the bursts of wind become cooler," explained Budi.

Budi also informed that Midea is a China company that was founded in 1968. Midea is headquartered in South China with a global-scale company that has more than 150,000 employees and operates in more than 195 countries. Apart from air conditioners, Midea also offers the most complete range of products in the household appliance industry, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and other small appliances for kitchen needs.

Thanks to the innovations, Midea won the Top Innovation Choice Award 2022, by bringing out the Midea BreezelleSS+ air conditioner. The Top Innovation Choice Award 2022 is a prestigious award in the field of innovation, which is given to companies and brands for their success in creating innovations in their products or services.

Susilowati Ningsih, CEO of, said that with the innovations presented, Midea can compete with other AC manufacturers in Indonesia. She hopes the awards can be a motivation for the brand to keep innovating by presenting innovative products that will meet the needs of consumers in Indonesia.

"And of course, hope this award can be a support in branding and marketing activities," explained Susilowati Ningsih.