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Providing The Most AC Washing Services for Free

Towards the end of the year, Midea continued its CSR program to consumers by setting a Muri Record of 2000 units of Free AC Washing together with the AIO Store.

CIREBON, West Java - Continuing Midea Indonesia's concern for consumers, this time Midea is present in the Cirebon area, West Java. In collaboration with Midea's authorized dealer in the Cirebon area, AIO Store, Midea conducted a two-month AC washing campaign from September to November for free to consumers.  

This activity has been held in 22 sub-districts in the Ciayumajukuning region, in Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, and Kuningan. The event was held for two months from September 19, 2023, to November 18, 2023, and succeeded in breaking the record of washing 2000 units of air conditioners for 2 months for free and recorded in the MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) record because the number broke the record in the previous activity.

"Midea's presence in Indonesia is not only sales-oriented, we also want to continue to strive to improve after-sales service. One of them is by holding a 2,000 AC washing event," said Jack Ding, President Director of Midea Indonesia, Sunday (19/11).

In this activity, AC washing activities are not specific to the Midea Indonesia brand alone. It also provides AC washing services for all brands, without discriminating.

"This activity then received appreciation through the MURI Record award because the number reached 2,000 AC units in the Ciayumajukuning area. The service we provide is an appreciation and thank you to customers who have given trust to Midea Indonesia products," he explained.

To participate in this acitivy, people only need to register online at the official ACQ website, my-acq.com. Registrants only need to create an account and fill in their personal data and complete addresses.

"This record can be successful thanks to Midea's cooperation with the AIO Store by breaking the muri record of Washing 2000 Free ACs, and through an electronic exhibition event that will be held at the Grand Opening of the AIO Electronic Festival at the Atrium Hall CSB Mall Cirebon," he said.

He hopes that this activity can be held regularly every year. It even became a reference for Midea Indonesia to organize in other regions in Indonesia.

Hendry Hermawan - CEO of AIO Store revealed the realization of the 2000 Free AC Washing record is in collaboration with technicians from ACQ. ACQ is a service provider of AC technicians who are trained and experienced in AC repair and maintenance. "Registration for the AC washing program is done online at the official ACQ website, my-acq.com, by creating an account and filling in personal data and complete address," he said.