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Grand Opening Midea Showroom PIK

To pamper Midea's loyal customers, Midea presents the first Showroom and Training Center to improve the best service in Jakarta.

Jakarta - Midea Indonesia, as a leading electronic brand in the world and Indonesia, presents Midea again for its loyal consumers, this time Midea presents the first showroom in Jakarta, located in the Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area, North Jakarta. The Midea showroom this time is present not only for household consumers in general who are commonly found on the market, but the Midea showroom this time is present for professional or B2B consumers by displaying a commercial product line of large capacity air conditioners.

"We hope that the presence of the first Midea Showroom can be a solution for consumers to be a one-stop solution in finding the needs of both households and professionals" said Jack Ding as President Director of Midea Elektronik Indonesia.

The presence of this Midea Showroom is a manifestation of the company's commitment, to innovating continuously to increase the satisfaction of Midea's loyal customers. "And we will continue to invest to add showrooms like this to increase our customer satisfaction" continued Jack Ding. In addition, here you can get household electronic devices ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, to small home appliances.

The inauguration of this new showroom will be attended by Jack Ding as President Director of Midea Indonesia, Suzy Tian as Deputy General Manager of Midea Indonesia, and Budi Pratama Widjaja as Head Sales Marketing of Midea Indonesia who is the management representative. "Midea Showroom PIK is ready to serve loyal customers and the people of Indonesia by offering an optimal range of electronic products, spare parts, accessories, service or after-sales services," said Jack Ding as President Director of Midea Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/22/2023).


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Midea is one of more than 10 brands in Midea Group's Smart Home Business.

Midea Group, founded in 1968, is a leading global high-tech company ranked #278 on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2023, and one of the world's largest home appliance manufacturers whose business goes beyond smart home appliances. In early 2021, the company simplified its core units into five high-growth business pillars to open up new future growth paths: Smart Home, Electro-Mechanical, Building Technologies, Robotics & Automation, and Digital Innovation.

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