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Launching Event Washing Machine

Memasuki Musim Penghujan, Midea Indonesia Kenalkan Produk Mesin Cuci Sesuai Kebutuhan Konsumen

JAKARTA – several regions in Indonesia will enter the rainy season. Approaching the rainy season, washing machines become electronic equipment that is sought after by many people. In that condition, dirty clothes will pile up and become a problem for the family. The need for washing and drying clothes is certain to increase.

Facing the rainy season, Midea Indonesia, the world's leading manufacturer and brand of household electronic equipment, has prepared a new line of washing machine products that are guaranteed to become a family mainstay. Especially for newly married couples, where a washing machine will be one of the electronic equipment that must be owned for daily needs.

  "We are aware that the demand for washing machines during the rainy season will increase, for this reason, we are introducing the latest product line up of Midea Indonesia washing machines for the public that suit their needs," said Budi Pratama Widjaja, Head of Sales for Midea Indonesia, Tuesday (19/9 /2023).

The various types and choices of Midea Indonesia's newest washing machine products that will be launched are Dryer, Front Loading, Top Loading, and Twin Tub.

Dryer model MD100A70 with a capacity of 7 Kg, Front Loading model MF100W75 with a capacity of 7.5 Kg, MF100W85B and MF200W85B with a capacity of 8.5 Kg, and MF200W95B with a maximum capacity of 9.5 Kg, Top Loading model MA100W75 with a capacity of 7.5 Kg, MA100W85 capacity 8.5 Kg, MA100W95 capacity 9.5 Kg, MA200W85 capacity 8.5 Kg and MA200W95 capacity 9.5 Kg. Midea Indonesia is also preparing the Twin Tub category MT100W70 model with a capacity of 7 Kg, MT100W80 with a capacity of 8 Kg, and MT100W90 with a capacity of 9 Kg.

"We have prepared various categories of washing machine products ranging from Dryer, Front Loading, Top Loading to Twin Tub according to consumer needs. "The presence of this washing machine product is in line with our commitment to always create quality products and the best technology that meets people's expectations," explained Budi.

Arman Zendrato, Midea Indonesia Washing Machine Product Manager, revealed that Midea Indonesia's newest product, which was launched today, has many features that suit people's needs. For Front Loading washing machines in the MF100 model category, programming the washing machine uses a screen button with a Lunar Dial display which is inspired by the shape of the Midea logo and the shining moon. The digital display button is easily integrated into the washing machine program selection.

This washing machine is equipped with health protection, and Health Guard Hygiene at 90 Degrees Celsius which is able to remove stubborn stains, remnants of detergent dirt and dangerous germs completely. This washing machine also has a 15 Quick Wash feature, so washing is faster in only around 15 minutes. "It can save more time and energy," said Mr. Arman, Product Manager of Washing Machine Midea Indonesia

Apart from that, the MF100 model is also equipped with the Mute The Beep feature. By pressing the Delay and Spin buttons simultaneously, the washing machine will operate more smoothly and quietly so it doesn't disturb you when washing at night. Users of this washing machine can also set different temperature levels for various types of clothes. Namely Cold, an environmentally friendly temperature of 20 Degrees Celsius to prevent colors from fading, and temperatures of 40 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius to remove stubborn stains better.

Meanwhile, the MF200 model has a Quattro Inverter feature which has the ability to save energy, low noise, and lasts longer. The Lunar Dial is a knob with a digital display, easily integrated into selecting washing machine programs.

By focusing on cleanliness, health, and clothing care, this model provides maximum protection with a combination of Auto Clean feature technology which automatically thoroughly cleans the inside and outside of the drum, and Steam Care which is capable of sterilization with heating up to 99.99 percent. Washing is now faster, stronger, and saves time compared to regular washing thanks to the Turbo feature on the MF200.

In the Dryer MD100 category, Midea Indonesia has embedded the Hygiene Dry feature to protect the health of the family. The temperature inside the clothes drum remains stable after drying so that sterilization is more effective, preventing allergic reactions and making clothes more comfortable to wear. The Refresh feature is able to provide fresh air flow in the washing drum to remove unpleasant odors from clothes.

This dryer also has an Anti Crease feature which makes clothes wrinkle-free and makes them drier. Quick Drying is capable of drying quickly in only around 40 minutes, saving more time and energy.

In the Top Loading Washer category, the MA100 also uses Lunar Dial with an integrated digital screen button display. The Auro Clean feature creates a strong stream of water flowing between the inner and outer drum tubes to remove dirt and residue. Apart from that, it is also able to clean automatically during the washing water disposal process, so that it is clean and safe.

Hygiene features are also included to maintain good washing cleanliness and sanitation with an effective time process, maximum water flow and level, and very effective rinsing. Even more sophisticated, thanks to the One-Touch Smart Wash feature which automatically activates sensors that can measure the weight of clothes, level of water usage, and duration of washing.

Meanwhile, the MA200 model is equipped with a dispenser for liquid softener or clothes softener. Soft Close Matte Glass Lid where the door can lower continuously slowly, closing smoothly, keeping hands pinched so it is safe to wear. The Deep Clean 3D Cyclone Cleaning System feature is able to clean various types of clothes that are mixed up deeply and prevent them from getting tangled at the same time.

"The Auto Stop and Child Lock feature means that the washing machine will automatically stop operating if an error or error occurs and is safe from the reach of children. "The Air Fresh feature, on the side, allows more water to be absorbed through the air, helping clothes dry more quickly," he explained.

Meanwhile, in the Twin Tub category, the Big Spin Pulsator feature has been embedded with 4 propeller blades and 4 spinners to produce strong water rotation to remove stubborn stains. Transparent Lid with a transparent door lid makes it easy to check the status or washing process without being disturbed. The Water Inlet is designed to save water and washing time. Durable Body with a design made of anti-rust material, durable and not easily dented. Lastly, this washing machine is also equipped with Air Fresh.(*)