Midea For My Dear Event

Midea Held Year-End Campaign Called 'Midea for My Dear' for Consumers

JAKARTA - Midea, at the end of this year, held an event for loved ones entitled Midea for My Dear. This event is a month-long series held throughout Indonesia at stores.

This event was held from December 30, 2023 to January 1, 2024 at the Main Atrium Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta. A lot of entertainment and activities for consumers during these 3 days, from cooking classes, coloring competitions, and other exciting games.

Midea held various competitions that were not only entertaining but also gave a positive boost to sales activities. One was a photo competition with Giant Outdoor AC, to raise awareness of the newly launched HyperGrapfins technology.

"This event not only provides a unique experience for participants, but also aims to attract the attention of potential consumers, create a positive impression of the product, and increase sales." Said Jack Ding, President Director of Midea Indonesia.

Midea also held a Live Cooking with MasterChef S8 Winner, Jesselyn Lauwreen, to create an interactive, entertaining moment, while highlighting Midea products related to kitchen appliances.

There was also a Korean Bento Cake decorating competition and a gift box decorating competition as a creative effort to give a positive visual impact to potential buyers.

Not only focusing on entertainment and creativity, Midea also presented daring challenges such as the Midea Scream and the Midea Boxing Challenge. Both challenges were designed to create excitement and consumer engagement while highlighting the durability and performance of Midea products.

To make a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for visitors to the event, Midea also provided free popcorn for visitors.

"This step not only provides a fun experience but also builds a positive relationship between the brand and consumers. By organizing various competition events with the direct aim of increasing sales, Midea succeeded in creating a memorable marketing strategy." Jack Ding continued.

Engaging consumers directly through creative and engaging activities was key to achieving the goal of increasing awareness and sales of Midea products.

All winners in each activity at this event will receive free Midea products and Midea Official Merchandise.