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Ramadan Exploring Taste

Midea holds cooking classes in collaboration with wanitaindonesia.co and Oakwood Suites Kuningan

Jakarta, March 23, 2024 - Ramadan, the holy month that is always awaited, is back with its warmth and joy. Not only is it a spiritual moment, Ramadan is also often a time to gather, share kindness and share culinary delights.

In the warmth of the month of Ramadan, Midea, Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta and wanitaindonesia.co collaborated in a cooking class event that combines the expertise of cooking equipment from Midea, the luxury of Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta and inspiration from wanitaindonesia.co. This cooking class event was held at Pastis Restaurant Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta.

"Today's cooking class event is a forum for direct meetings between Midea and consumers through a community supported by Oakwood and wanitaindonesia.co. We hope that the excitement can be an unforgettable experience for all participants and moreover make Midea a top of mind supporting equipment cooking," said Edgar Ong, Product Manager of Cooking Appliance Midea.

"Hopefully this cooking class event will become a stage for all participants to express their culinary creativity with enthusiasm and joy. We hope that each dish produced will not only pamper the taste buds, but also inspire and celebrate the diversity of tastes in the month of Ramadan. Happy competition, I wish everyone "stepping in the kitchen brings happiness and success to everyone. Of course, on behalf of the hotel management, we would like to say a big thank you to Midea for creating this cool event!" added Paundra Hanoetama, Director of Marketing at Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta.

This cooking class event features two superior menus of traditional dishes with a modern touch. Kwetiau Kuah and Spring Roll created by chef Imam Sugiarto from Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta.

In this cooking class, participants are invited to learn the secrets of making rich-tasting Kwetiau Soup. Chef Imam shares ways to create a savory sauce with a unique touch that is appetizing.

Kwetiau, a typical Chinese thin noodle, is the main ingredient in this dish. In the hands of the participants, they learned how to mix the right spices to create a delicious and balanced sauce. Not only the taste, this kwetiau soup also has an aroma that evokes memories of warm home cooking.

When Ramadan arrives, Spring Roll is one of the takjil menus that is always looked forward to. Wrapped in a thin, crunchy spring roll skin, inside there are various and appetizing fillings. In this cooking class, participants were taught to make Spring Rolls with a special touch.

Chef Imam shares the secret of Spring Roll skin that doesn't break easily and fall apart. The spring roll fillings are also discussed in detail, starting from the delicious chicken meat, to the fresh vegetables which give freshness to every bite.

"This collaboration is the right combination to enliven the holy month of Ramadan. The collaboration cooking class event between Midea, Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta and wanitaindonesia.co not only provides the experience of learning to cook, but also embraces the beauty in togetherness and deliciousness in every dish. Let's celebrate Ramadan with full taste, aroma and warmth from these special dishes!," concluded Budi Hartono, Editor-in-Chief of wanitaindonesia.co.