Free Package of Takjil in Jabodetabek | Midea Indonesia

Giving Thousands of Free Takjil Packages Before Iftar

To complete the break fasting together, Midea distributes thousands of Free Takjil Packages in Jabodetabek.

Jakarta, 18 March 2024 – Midea Electronics Indonesia is again present closer to the community during the month of Ramadan. Today, activities with the title Midea #LengkapiKebersamaan Break the Fast started at 5 center points in JaBoDeTaBek for 7 days from 18 – 24 March 2024.

Located at Arkadia Green Park, South Jakarta, Alun-alun Kota Depok, Gor Pakansari, Bogor Regency, Banjir Kanal Timur (BKT) Bekasi and Graha Griya Hijau, South Tangerang, Midea, as a well-known global electronics company from this bamboo curtain country, will distribute Takjil (light food) with a total of 7,600 packages. Midea is also preparing prizes totaling millions of rupiah for those who take part in the giveaway on Instagram

"Midea's #LengkapiKebersamaan activity is one of the big programs run by Midea this year. Not only represents a series of activities, but also serves as a message that Midea as an electronic household equipment company is committed to always meeting the needs and being present in the midst of precious moments for Indonesian families", said Jack Ding, President Director of Midea Electronics Indonesia.

Midea strives to always be present in the midst of precious moments through superior electronic products that complement household needs. This Ramadan, Midea is directly involved in social activities giving free takjil.

Furthermore, it is planned that there will be a series of other activities in the month of Ramadan this year. Midea carries out activities to get closer to various levels of society.

"We have planned other activities in the month of Ramadan until Eid. The main goal is of course to build good relationships and make Midea closer to consumers. "The pioneering activity is distributing free Takjil at 5 locations in JaBoDeTabek." – Hafizh Maulana, Head of Marketing Midea Electronics Indonesia.