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Thailand Factory Tour

Midea introduces superior products by inviting installers and journalists to Factory Tour in Thailand

THAILAND, 5 – 9 March 2024 – To continue strengthening relationships and communication as well as introducing its newest innovations, Midea, one of the global company leaders in the household electronic equipment industry, recently invited exclusively air conditioning technicians and journalists from various media to fly to the Midea Refrigeration Equipment factory in Thailand.

This trip was organized with a dual purpose. Firstly, to reveal Midea's newest product series which displays advanced technological innovations, and secondly to show how Midea implements sustainable practices in its operations and production processes.

The itinerary included a visit to Midea's factory in Thailand, where technicians and journalists could see up close how Midea's products are made with energy efficiency in mind and its efforts to reduce environmental impact. In addition, Midea also provides various interactive sessions and product demonstrations that enable technicians and journalists to gain first-hand experience with the latest technology and innovations.

In the technical explanation session and demonstration of product use, Midea experts were presented to provide a deeper understanding of how Midea innovates with technology that provides user-friendly solutions.

Participants also had the opportunity to see Midea's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, use environmentally friendly materials, and promote recycling in their production cycle.

Cultural Interaction

Apart from focusing on technology and sustainability, Midea also provides opportunities for technicians and journalists to enjoy the beauty and richness of Thai culture. From tasting delicious local culinary delights to visiting historical places, these activities aim to enrich the journalists' experience with a unique combination of innovation and tradition.

Through an exclusive trip to Thailand, Midea successfully demonstrated its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and effective communication with the media. By providing direct insight into the company's operations and philosophy, Midea not only strengthens relationships with the media but also confirms its position as an industry leader committed to the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

This trip opened a new window for journalists to see how technology and social responsibility can go hand in hand in the modern industrial world.

Hyper Grapfins Technology

Midea has introduced its newest technology, namely Hyper Grapfins, as a more sophisticated and efficient solution for consumers.

"Hyper Grapfins is the newest technology from media and the only one in Indonesia. So, the series that we sell in retail stores is equipped with Hyper Grapfins technology in the outdoor section," said Ighvar Rabbighfirly, Midea Residential Air Conditioner Product Manager.

Hyper Grapfins is a revolutionary cooling technology developed by Midea. By utilizing the concept of graphene, a material that has very high thermal conductivity, this technology enables faster and more efficient heat transfer.

Graphene also has unique properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for use in air cooling applications.

Advantages of Hyper Grapfins Technology in Midea AC
  • Improved Performance: By using Hyper Grapfins, Midea AC can produce faster and more efficient air cooling. The graphene material allows optimal heat transfer, thereby allowing the air conditioner to work more effectively even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Hyper Grapfins technology also helps improve the energy efficiency of Midea ACs. With superior heat transfer capabilities, air conditioners can reach desired temperatures faster, reducing compressor runtime and saving energy.
  • High Durability: Graphene is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. Therefore, Midea ACs that use Hyper Grapfins have a longer service life and require less maintenance, making them a sustainable investment for consumers.