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Bring your new best friend home and fall in love with cleaning.

Buy refrigerator online


Whether it’s parties, large gatherings or just you, our range of refrigerators have you covered.

Buy washing machine online

Washing Machine

Bring home a washing regime that not only cleans, but also protects your clothes from germs & bacteria.

Buy water heater online

Water Heaters

With Midea Innovation and Technology bring home a Water Heater that's SMART.

Buy oven toaster grill online

Oven Toaster Grills

Take your cooking skills to next level, make exotic dishes at home within minutes.

Buy vacuum cleaner online

Vacuum Cleaners

Bring home the joy of spotless and dust-free cleaning with the technology you can count on.

Buy In Induction cooktops online

Induction Cooktops

Midea Induction cooktops offer quick and consistent heating at the highest efficiency. It comes with multiple power settings to let you cook anything you want anytime while saving power.

Midea kitchen chimney online

Kitchen Chimney

Remove the steam & smoke in no time and keep your kitchen odour free with Midea Kitchen Chimney. Its Thermal Auto Clean separates and export grease & spices so that your kitchen chimney can last longer.