Everything in the palm of your hand

Make your home a smart home with the MSmartHome App. Control and monitor your smart appliances, and get notifications on their usage and condition all from your smartphone.

Watch this step-by-step video to learn how to connect your appliance and access smart features in the MSmartHome app


Discover Powerful Automations

MSmartHome users and the experts at Midea have created useful applets that are ready to be enabled to help you save energy, enhance your home comfort, and make your life a little bit easier.


Simple and easy device setup

The SmartHome app automatically discovers nearby devices. No
confusing menus, device passwords, button pushes or switching to different apps.


Internet Of Secure Things

Our smart home appliances are certified by a 3rd party for security. The IoXT certification reinforces our commitment to supplying you with secure, convenient and innovative appliances.

Automated Diagnostics.jpeg

Automated Diagnostics

Receive alerts about the operation of your air conditioner, and when maintenance is needed to help extend the life and improve the overall performance of your product.

Our Smart Products