The New MRF29D6AST Stores up to 30 Bags of Groceries*, Boasts Dual Ice Maker and More.

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Midea America, a worldwide leader in home appliances, is excited to unveil its largest capacity refrigerator yet—the MRF29D6AST Standard Depth French Door refrigerator. The new MRF29D6AST boasts a spacious design tailored to minimize trips to the grocery store. Its generous storage capacity is matched with user-friendly features, like dual ice makers, and effortless connectivity to modern smart home ecosystems, seamlessly merging convenience with contemporary living.

The Midea MRF29D6AST Stores up to 30 Bags of Groceries*, Boasts Dual Ice Maker and More

"In today's fast-paced world, the need for a sizable, well-organized storage solution is greater than ever. Our new Standard Depth French Door Refrigerator aims to not just meet, but exceed these demands," said Kurt Jovais, president of Midea America. "We've meticulously incorporated features that simplify the user experience, prioritizing ample storage and organization to ease home life amidst the rush, while additional functionalities like dual ice makers, smart alerts, and instant water filtration add convenience and enjoyment to the daily routine."

With a generous 29.3 Cu. Ft. of internal storage, the MRF29D6AST offers plenty of space to hold all your fresh and frozen items. Now you can reduce frequent trips to the market and store all your groceries in one convenient place, knowing there will be plenty of space when you return from shopping.

The refrigerator features a Click & Glide Bin that allows users to effortlessly adjust the height without removing items to accommodate different-sized bottles and containers, further simplifying food and beverage organization. This feature allows users to customize the available space to fit their individual storage needs.

The MRF29D6AST also maximizes usable storage space without compromising on cooling performance through strategic placement of its internal components, staying true to Midea's dedication to harmonizing functional excellence with practical everyday needs.

Unlike many refrigerators that pre-filter dispensable water, allowing it to sit in a stagnant tank, the MRF29D6AST uses instant water filtration technology to actively filter and dispense water on command which provides consumers with the freshest and most wholesome water. Additionally, the dual icemakers in the refrigerator and freezer drawer make up to eight pounds of ice daily, keeping drinks chilled and guests refreshed.

The MRF29D6AST also comes enabled with Wi-Fi and Voice Control, allowing homeowners to adjust temperature settings remotely without needing to open the refrigerator doors. This ensures a stable internal environment while conserving energy. The refrigerator's Wi-Fi capabilities will also send real-time alerts if the door is left open, meaning you'll never have to worry about refrigerating your kitchen instead of your food.  Smart living is now just a click or voice command away.

The MRF29D6AST Standard Depth French Door Refrigerator, one of the most spacious refrigerators at its price point†, is now available exclusively at Lowe's for an MSRP of $2,399. For more information on the MRF29D6AST and Midea's portfolio of home appliances, please visit midea.com/us.

*Based on the average-sized grocery bag
†Based on average price of comparable size French door refrigerators 

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